Essential Oils Wellness with Coach Nina Zevallos

Coach Nina will help you find the most effective Natural Solutions for every aspect of life using the highest quality CPTG Essential Oils. Click on the links to RSVP to any of her Workshops at Wynwheels and at Soul Tavern Miami Beach

"I have always loved sports since I'm a little kid and I had the amazing luck of growing up in a house where mom cooked the healthiest meals and didn't allow us to drink sodas or eat candy (yeah, I know, sounds boring but in the long term it has helped me out incredibly).
Back in Peru my mother as well taught me about the wonderful properties of plants like Yanten, Eucalyptus, Tara, Peppermint, and many others that if I start listing I would take this entire page. I grew up in a house where a cold was cured with teas and herbs and in a time where doctors were totally ok with adding holistic solutions to western medicine.
Once I moved to the US it became very difficult to find all these herbal solutions and I was so discouraged I started to think that the only way to access my "mom's garden" was to actually go back to my country until, by serendipity, my dear friend renewed Yogini, Jennifer Pansa, introduced me to the wonders of CPTG Essential Oils.
Now as an Oil Educator it is my pleasure to share the miracles of plant based solutions to achieve a toxin free life, alkalize your body and achieve a healthy and clean lifestyle."

Upcoming Workshop Natural beauty DIY workshop Miami Beach - To be announced