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Angel Vand Der Biest

Angel combines and mixes the best pop with the most extreme electronic beats. Big Crossfit aficionado and Indoor Cycling Jedi.

"I'm an on board type of cycling coach. I love to think of my classes as pack rides, like a race team attacking hills and sprinting through roads all the way to greatness.

My music is very current, from pop hits to the best old school disco always with a fresh funky remix. I believe that music is the essence of my rides and I dedicate myself to search for the best tunes everyday.

Theme rides are my jam, from Gay pride to Summer races, all to place you in a story that will simply just make you push harder and get stronger"

Come and join his awesome fast pace Power Hour!

Angel Vand Der Biest instructs the following:
  • Power Hour
  • 1 full hour of nonstop power cycling!