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Nina Zevallos

Fitness and nutrition junkie. Since I was a kid in Peru I've been in love with running and dancing. Spinning lets me put together my favorite two things:music and speed, all in one room and with AC!
Come and join me at Wynwheels. 45 minutes of heart pounding rides with a touch of latin flavor

Nina Zevallos instructs the following:
  • Ride!
  • 45 minutes of the most intense Indoor Cycling Workout you have ever experienced.
    Enjoy the music while you push yourself beyond what you thought your limits were.
    Come and discover how strong you really are!
    (First time visitors Must sign up for a METHOD class before being able to sign up for RIDE)

  • 101 Ride!
  • All levels are welcome, with a quick introduction to proper indoor Cycling. If you are a first time visitor please arrive 15 min earlier for set up and let the coach know it's your first visit!